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你好 = Nǐ hǎo =

# of Verified Hotel Ratings on by Burundians 2
Top 10 Hotels in China as Rated by Burundians

#1 Baiyun Hotel Guangzhou
        - Rated by 1 Burundians - Lowest Price $69

#2 Redwall Hotel
        - Rated by 1 Burundians - Lowest Price $50

Top 10 Places to Stay in China by Burundians

#1 Beijing
        - 1 Burundians Have Stayed in Beijing Hotels

#2 Guangzhou
        - 1 Burundians Have Stayed in Guangzhou Hotels

Official Visa Information for Burundians Going to China
China Tourist (L) Visa Requirements for Burundians
China Embassy(s)/Consulate(s) in Burundi
    China Embassy Address in Burundi
    China Embassy Open Hours in Burundi
    China Embassy Phone Number in Burundi
    China Embassy Website in Burundi
    China Visa Application Forms for Burundians
Details & Requirements for China Tourist (L) Visa for Burundians

Documents required to apply for People's Republic of China

1. A visa application form

2. Provided by China invitation

3. A copy of the passport

4. A copy of ID card

5. If it is official visits are required to provide proof of business or travel orders

6. Bank certificates of deposit

7. Copies of other required documents

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China Embassy Address, Hours, Phone Number, Website & Application Forms

Address of Embassy(s) & Consulate(s)

Official Website for Embassy(s) & Consulate(s)

Hours Open for Embassy(s) & Consulate(s)

Phone Number for Embassy(s) & Consulate(s)

Link to Official Visa Application form

Embassy of People's Republic of China in the Republic of Burundi


Office Hours: Application: 8:00-11:30 Tuesday, Friday

Pick-up: 8:00-11:30 Wednesday

Tel: +257-22224307

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